Tips and inspiration for creating a desert garden in your home sweet home.

Desert Garden, Rustic and Cool Style

It is usually very peaceful to create a desert garden, the most common plants are cacti, succulents, or palm trees, plants that are more resistant to the sun and more sandy soil.

Types of Plants

For a design with a more desert look, invest in stones and pebbles to decorate this garden.

stones and Buildings

Creating a desert side garden is a super option for optimizing that half-empty space.

Garden Side

To energize the facade of the house, a garden with various species.

as a shelf for the facade

This is a great idea for anyone who wants to have a bar in the living room but doesn't have a lot of space.

For building entrance

A desert garden with pots is also super possible, for places where there is no permeable area, a good bet.

With  vases

A good tip for those who have a little space in the backyard, create a desert garden with space for contemplation.

space of Contemplation