Refrigerator wrapping, upgrade that electro

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Enveloping the fridge is a great option to renovate and even redecorate the environment.


In addition to renovating, you can also compose the decoration if the intention is to highlight, bet on engravings.

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Creative stickers to envelop the fridge are good options for relaxing environments.


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For a kitchen in neutral tones, an enveloping with floral adhesive goes very well.

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Geometric Motifs

Enveloping the fridge with geometric motifs, in a modern and planned kitchen, looks very stylish.

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If the intention is to maintain the original shape of the appliance, bet on metallized copper-type adhesives, or even stainless steel.  

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To combine with the decoration bet on a color that harmonizes.

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If the kitchen has a more laid-back vibe, get creative, create your own stickers 

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Maybe the fridge needs to be renovated, how about making it the highlight of the kitchen, bet on maxi prints.

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