corner of  Reading

How to create a space for reading is great, here are some inspirations.

a silent corner

Choose a silent corner in your environment, such as a living room or bedroom, and follow the decor style.

Adequate Lighting

A good lamp, with adequate light, will help a lot if you like to read at night.

Comfortable armchair

Choose an armchair model, comfortable, that matches the style of the space, this gives you more energy to read.

Near the window

Choosing a corner to read near the window is a great option, who knows that little corner in the spare room.

futon for reading

Futon is great for creating that snuggle, relaxation and also reading moment.


Invest in your little corner, decorate, use plants, paintings, rugs, all of this will leave this little space with its vibe.

corner of the room

Maybe that little corner of the room, little used, would make a great reading space. Enjoy!