Sofa cover, tips to use and bet on this

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cover for sofa

Sofa covers are good options to protect and renew the sofa.

You will find very basic covers from simpler fabrics to more elaborate covers.

stamped cover

If you want to renovate the sofa, the cover can be the alternative, and with a printed option, it can help create the renovation

cape without arm

For those who have a sofa without an arm, there are options too,

redesign the sofa

Helping to repackage is another matter, maybe that's what the environment needs 

Courage to wear white

Maybe buying that dreamy white sofa might not happen, but it is possible to use the white, sophisticated and elegant cover.

With elastane

This type of fabric is very practical and adapts to any sofa shape.

Bed covers

This model is very basic and also practical, as it covers the seat and backrest, always the areas that get the most dirt.