Living in an apartment does not mean giving up gardening. Space can be a limiting factor for some plant species, but there are species that are super easy to grow indoors. See some tips

Plants to Grow in Apartment

Sword of Saint George

Sword of Saint George is ideal for indoor environments. Your irrigation should happen once every two weeks.

stone rose

Or super stylish succulent Echeveria is great to be grown in apartments, makes beautiful arrangements

palm raffia

A great option for decorating a living room or entrance hall, it should be watered weekly and kept in partial shade.


A beautiful plant to have indoors, it doesn't require much care, water it once a week and keep it out of the sun.

Peace lily

Shady environments are great for lily cultivation. Does the soil need to be moist? average of 3 weekly waterings. A good option for apartments.

boa plant

The boa constrictor is a beautiful plant, it looks very good indoors and in half shade, it greatly enhances the decor because it is pendant gives it a lot of style.

lucky bamboo

Another great option for easy cultivation, lucky bamboo, likes low light and humidity. Brings good energies according to "Feng Shui".