Plant with me nobody bet on this plant for your decoration


That's its scientific name, but popularly known as: "with me no one can".


A good option for decorating indoor environments, as it is easy to grow and does not need a lot of light.


Popular beliefs say that it wards off negative energies, warding off the "evil eye", if placed at the entrance to the environment.

strong properties

This term "with me no one can" is due to its strong properties, and should be kept out of reach of children and pets.


It does not require large actions, it develops very well in partial shade, it is very tolerant of heat with high humidity.


Always check the soil, if it's dry it's time to water without soaking too much, a vase with good drainage will help.

Feng Shui

Based on feng shui, this plant brings good energy, harmonizing the environment, a good option for the entrance hall.