Watermelon peperomia plant, great option for apartment

to apartment

Peperomia watermelon is a good option for an apartment, as it is easy to grow.


Because it has this similarity because it has these textures similar to the bark of the watermelon, which is the charm of it.

easy cultivation

It is great for growing in shady places, such as the living room, away from direct light, It is important to receive a little light.


As your roots are short, you don't need such deep vases, small vases are good options.


With fleshy stems, just like succulents, they store water, do not overdo it, test the soil with your finger if it is dry, water and let it drain well.


Every 2 months, use an organic supplement to a fertilizer found in branch stores.

versatile to decorate

Due to its texture, and this style, it is very charming, very beautiful for halls, living room on the porch, kitchen, etc...