The kalanchoe plant is considered a succulent and easy to care for, see how easy it is to grow it

Kalanchoe plant, tips for growing

flower of fortune

The flowers of this species are known as "flower of fortune", with a variety of colors that are great for gardens.

To decorate the garden

You can take advantage and create flowerpots, and use stylish vases, plant directly in the soil.


Kalanchoe likes a sandy substrate with good quality organic matter and good drainage.


It must be cultivated with good lighting, direct sunlight is great for its best development.


Due to being from the succulent family avoid constant watering, always check that the soil is dry.


Using earthworm humus, castor bean cake, bone meal, once every 2 months, will ensure good flowering.

Beautiful Arrangements

Create beautiful arrangements to decorate the house, it is very easy to be cultivated and cared for and beautiful for the environments.