Peach fuzz how to use the color of the year in decoration

Color of the year in 2024

Chosen by Pantone as the trend color in 2024, see inspiring ideas for decorating your home

Peach Tone

Defined by Pantone as a comfortable, relaxing color that nurtures kindness and compassion


There are coating options in this tone, it looks very elegant and stylish.

Living room

It brings a calm and sophisticated atmosphere to the living room, combining well with wood tones.


This tone looks great in bathrooms, if you don't have a coating, painting the wall in this tone looks very nice.


For a furniture revamp, a sophisticated color option.


It brings freshness to the kitchen cabinets and if it is small it can make it more cozy.

Entrance hall

A great option for that entrance hall, relaxing and with a feeling of harmony.

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