Party Decoration Ideas

The traditional festivities of June, get inspired to create creative decorations for Festa Junina

Celebration Traditional

  One of the most fun parts of planning a Festa Junina is creating the perfect decor to transform the environment into a true arraiĆ”. 

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Vibrant colors

Use colorful flags, balloons and ribbons to fill the space with joy and energy. The traditional colors of the Festa Junina are red, yellow, green and blue.  

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Flags are an essential element in a June party. You can opt for traditional paper flags or explore different materials, such as printed fabrics or colorful patchwork. 

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emblematic characters ;

 Straw hats and scarecrows are iconic elements of the Festa Junina, give straw hats to guests as part of the decor and place scarecrows strategically throughout the party space. 

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table details 

Decorate the table with festive elements. Use plaid tablecloths, corncob table decorations, flower pots and small decorative fires. Food can also be part of the decor. 

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 Use clothesline lights in different shapes and colors to light up the space. You can also opt for paper lanterns, candles in glass jars or decorative lamps.  

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natural elements 

Use flowers, foliage and seasonal fruits to create arrangements and decorations. Clay vases, wicker baskets and wooden trunks can serve as supports for the arrangements. 

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Have a good time

This is the time to have fun when decorating, it will be easier to create a super creative decoration for your June party.

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