Ripped Panel is a super modern and very versatile device for interior decorations, see where to use this element.

ideas to use slatted panel

Ripped panel for tv, became a trend and came to stay, in addition to giving a modern style, it also hides cables and wires.

Panel ripped to TV

It brings a decorative highlight, which can highlight the decoration and is very sophisticated.

Detail Decorative

In addition to enhancing the decor of your hall, it can also help as a support for coats, bags and the like.

Hall of Prohibited

It helps to create an intimate climate by creating a climate of privacy.

Creating Privacy

The slatted panel, in addition to being a decorative element, can also have the function of dividing environments in a more subtly way than a wall.

dividing environments

It can also be designed to support niches, it looks very stylish and elegant.

Support to niches

Lately the head of the bed has been highly valued in terms of decoration and using a slatted panel in this area is a very interesting and stylish option. 

Panel at the head