Half wall painting, a practical option

Affordable Decor

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This type of painting can be used in any environment, very practical and can give a super "Up" to the decor.

In addition, it is a simple and inexpensive option to transform a space.

An economical alternative. Well, it is possible to add color to an environment and use leftover paint that you have at home.

It is important to decide the color that has to do with and is suitable for the chosen environment

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A more assertive way is to use the white wall and paint the other half in a color of your style.

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If you are still unsure about the color. Bet on neutral tones, like gray.

If the idea is to enlarge the environment, the darkest color should be at the bottom and the lightest at the top. 

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Make the division with a measuring tape and masking tape, it is important to protect the other half, so as not to get dirty with the other tone.

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