Color Pillows, one touch special in the room

A room with decorative pillows already changes the entire composition of the environment, prints more layers and colors are perfect.

Cushions decorative colorful

A relaxed room, with more jovial touches, bet on colorful pillows with funky prints.

prints  funky

For rooms that have a more cheerful "vibe" and a neutral base, betting on vibrant colors can be very interesting. but use with caution so as not to get sick.

Colors vibrant

A good alternative that will give your living room a lot of style is to bet on the mix of prints and colors of pillows.

mix colors and prints

Colorful geometric prints will bring a fresh and lively summer vibe to the interior of the room.

prints Geometric

For those who don't give up colors, but also don't want something "so" colorful, bet on more neutral and sober colors, it's super elegant.

Colors smooth