How to be inspired and use a single tone to decorate your environments

Monochrome in decoration, how to use a single tone

one tone

Betting on monochrome is choosing a single color and inserting nuances of it to compose your environment.


White is a good option to work with monochrome, white can have some nuances.


Gray is another super motivating color to work with monochrome, in addition to making everything look very elegant.

shades of nude

Nude tones, can be more intense or lighter, are great options for living rooms, bedrooms.

shades of orange

Warm colors always bring warmth and comfort to the environment and shades of orange are great.


Lavender, this soft and calm tone, can also add many nuances and compose a monochromatic environment.


This tone is perfect for the most romantic and they love this color, from pink to rosé .. it will look divine.