Decorative and super useful pieces with the macramé technique, to use in home decor.

Macramé Accessories, for Decoration

The "hanger plants" or size for vases in macramé is a plus in the decoration and will highlight your little plant.

Support to Vase

This craft is extraordinary and the possibilities are very versatile, even a crib for the baby. It's very creative.

Cradle for baby

a stylish fruit bowl in the kitchen is all good.

fruit bowl

For the corner of the home office to organize small items and still make everything stylish.


Producing pieces for the bathroom is a success with the macrame technique.

For Bathroom

This control holder is super stylish and elegant, giving a lot of prominence to the room.

Door Control

A stuff door is super useful, even more handcrafted and with this technique so engaging, bet.

Door stuff