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Lush phalaenopsis orchids to decorate

grow orchids

If you always wanted to grow orchids and always failed, here are some tips

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accommodate them

Orchids love to cling to tree trunks, consider accommodating them on some fiber trunk or stake.

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low light

Phalaenopsis orchids do not need a lot of light, after flowering place them in indirect light.

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do not prune

Do not cut the flower stem unless it is completely brown. Often, new flowers will appear on the old stem.

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Add a very small amount of orchid fertilizer to the water of a plant that has not flowered for 3 months or more.

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Don't change vase

Orchid roots do not like to be disturbed. Always handle the plant by the pot and not by the stem so the roots don't come loose. 

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will bloom

With all these care they will always flourish. See how easy it is.

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