An environment to welcome friends, family, to enjoy leisure time this is the best definition to have a Lounge at Home

lounge one cozy environment

Informal Space

a lounge is considered a less formal space, something more relaxed than a more formal living room.

Where to create?

You must define your intention, a space to relax, read, receive etc..

Required Items

Bet on comfort, invest in puffs, futons, something more relaxed to sit and settle down.


Set a color palette, that brings joy, that connects with your environment.

Invest in accessories

Rugs, cushions, adequate lighting, all of this will make your lounge more stylish and comfortable.


Using pallets to support this setting is a good option.

External area

It has an external space, how about exploring it and creating that stylish lounge, use grass, sand, stones. whatever is more your style and be happy.