How to choose the perfect curtain for your living room

Tips for choosing living room curtains

This item is super important to maintain privacy, control the luminosity, of any environment.

Curtains are Essential Items

There are reports of the use of curtains since 3000 BC in Egypt.

very old artifice

For the living room, it is important to know what the need is, cut light, privacy, maintain the temperature, etc..

types of curtains

Fluid fabrics such as voile, organza, lace, silk, satin, linen. These are some options if you want to add a more fluid and cozy touch to your living room.


In pvc, wood, synthetic fabric. It is a super practical model, easy maintenance, controls the ventilation and lighting of the environment.


Tip you can combine a blind with fabric curtain, it's a charm. In addition to meeting ventilation and lighting needs well.

To combine styles

This type of curtain blocks all lighting, there are motorized options, some control the temperature.


This style of curtain is great if you just want to focus on the window, it really pops if you choose a patterned fabric.