Inspiration to take advantage of space and create a linear kitchen

decoration of  Linear Kitchen

Linear kitchen is the kitchen installed on one side of the wall, usually for small environments it is more common

What is a Linear Kitchen

A good option and the best way to take advantage of and optimize a linear kitchen is to make it planned.


Elemntos considered the basic tripod in a kitchen: Stove, sink and refrigerator must count on this wall.

tripod like Basis

The linear kitchen can very well be integrated with the American kitchen, 

Basis for American kitchen

If the available space is in an "L" it is possible to complement it with the remainder forming an "L".

Linear Kitchen in L

For compact spaces, it is a perfect option. In addition to organizing everything in one space.

perfect for Compact Spaces

There is also a way to create your own kitchen with modular furniture, for rented houses, a good alternative.