Lighting and decorating with Plafon


Tips for using the ceiling light this versatile lamp

Plafon is a type of ceiling lamp in different formats, very versatile which can illuminate the environment as a whole.

Lighting with Plafon

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It serves many styles of decoration, in addition to fulfilling the function of lighting, it also decorates.

Design stylish

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A great option, for those who don't have a plaster ceiling, superimposed models are ideal. In addition to diversity, different from embedding with more basic options.

overlay templates

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To lighten the environment as a whole, if you only have one point of light, choose a size that can illuminate and cover a larger area.

Choosing the ideal size

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If you choose to use the ceiling light in the bedroom, choose models that allow indirect lighting, it will bring more comfort.

Indirect Lighting

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For environments such as living rooms, the ideal choice is for models that allow diffused lighting, which illuminates the entire environment.

Diffused light

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By having different models, types and styles, the ceiling is also a joker in decoration. So choose the model that represents your style.

which model to choose

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If the choice was overlapping models, carry out regular cleaning whenever necessary with water and detergent. However, turn off the main switch to carry out this task.


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