They are great options for creating creative, stylish and cozy lighting.

LED strip, play High Tech on  Decoration

Great for kitchen countertop areas, can be colored, yellow, white, creating effects on different surfaces.

places to  To use

One suggestion is to opt for the led tape with yellow lights to create that super cozy atmosphere.

For TV room

Want to create a mood for the headboard area is a good bet, highlighting objects and pictures.

For the area of Headboard

For children's rooms it is very fun highlighting the furniture and playful objects.

creating that  Ludic Lighting

If you want to dare and make the environment super creative and cool, using colored LED strips are perfect.

LED strip color (rgb)

Transforming an environment without major interventions is super possible with led tapes.

turn your Environment

Installation is super simple, some already come with double-sided tape, just apply it, but it's important to check all the manufacturer's specifications.

Installation  Simple