How to choose the best material for kitchen countertops

The choice 

Choosing the right material for your kitchen countertop involves a lot of simple personal preference. Decide what kind of "look" appeals to you.

laminated formica

 Pro-Ecological with affordable prices

Cons: Can scratch, chip  and swell, so be very careful

Artificial Stones - QUARTZ

 Pro- Easy maintenance,  high resistance. Fantastic appearance.

Cons: Prices are still tall.

Natural Stones - Granite, Slate,

 Pro: affordable price,  tonal variations

Con: Can crack or stain under something heavy.


Pro: Affordable price, cozy atmosphere, good aesthetics 

Against: Always waterproof, and be careful with objects that pierce. excessive heat, wear

Stainless steel

 Pro: durability,   easy maintenance, resistance

Cons: high price, scratches easily, not as attractive aesthetically


 Pro: Luxurious, appreciation  of the property, noble, sophistication

Cons: Can stain easily, porosity, high price, 


 Pro: Modern feel, affordable price, durable, versatile in colors

Con: Can stain and scratch, care must be taken, and does not withstand heavy impacts. 

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