Kitchen with worktop a super useful element


Small or large kitchens cannot dispense with the counter, it is a super necessary item.

Kitchen with super useful bench


For a leaner budget, a good idea is to invest in ready-made models, there are many options at more affordable prices.

ready templates

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For open-concept kitchens with a big budget, the alternative is planned countertops, in nobler materials.



For better use of space, there are options to plan the countertop together with the sink, a great sink support option.

Attached to the sink

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For kitchens with a square shape, counters following a "U" shape are good options for this type of kitchen.

models in  "U"

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This material is usually more used in industrial kitchens, but if you want a more industrial "footprint", it's worth betting on this style.

in stainless steel


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To meet a kitchen with some more specific needs, multifunctional countertops.


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For those looking for simplicity, simpler countertops can be created, as long as they have a simple base, choose a suitable stone slab, and there you have a countertop.

simple basis

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