How to choose the best material for kitchen countertops

How to choose the best material for kitchen countertops 

Kitchen countertops how to choose the ideal material

The choice 

Choosing the right material for your kitchen countertop comes down to a lot of personal preference. Decide what kind of "look" appeals to you.

laminated formica

 Pro-Ecological with affordable prices

Con: It can scratch, chip and swell, so be very careful with excess water.

Quartz Artificial Stones

Pro- Easy maintenance, high  resistance, fantastic appearance.

Against:  prices are still tall.

Natural Stones Granite, Slate

 Pro: affordable value,  tonal variations

Against:  It can crack or stain, with something too heavy on top.


Pro: Affordable price, cozy atmosphere, good aesthetics 

Against:  Always waterproof, and be careful with objects that pierce, excessive heat, wear

Stainless steel

 Pro:  durability, easy maintenance, endurance

Against: High Price, scratches easily, not as attractive aesthetically


 Pro: Luxurious, property valuation, noble element and sophistication.

Against:  Can stain easily, porosity, high price,


 Pro: Modern feel, affordable price, durable, color versatility.

Against:  Stains and scratches, easy, careful, and does not withstand strong impacts.