Blue is a super peaceful and calming color is a good option for the kitchen to be inspired

Kitchen  blue inspirations

For a compact kitchen with navy blue and white it is very sophisticated.

Blue Marine

That baby blue, "light", a good option for more traditional kitchen styles.

Blue Baby

For those who don't want everything in blue, but still want touches of that tone, maybe alternate the shades of the cabinets.

touch of Blue

Investing in a carpentry shop for the cabinets in blue, it looks divine and they go well with the icy tone.

All  Blue

This shade of royal blue and marble are classic and very elegant combinations, the price is not so affordable but it looks divine.

blue and Marble

That Proven├žal style, super matches shades of blue.

For the  Provencal style

For a more cool and modern kitchen, blue and natural wood are perfect.

blue and natural wood