How to wash clothes properly

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This super necessary task deserves some care, see how to do it properly

Sort clothes by color, fabric and soil level. This helps to prevent colors from fading or smearing, and ensures that even the most delicate fabrics are treated with care.

Separate the clothes 

Read washing instructions, check clothing labels for recommended washing instructions. This includes water temperature, type of wash cycle, whether or not bleach is used, etc.

washing instructions 

Pre-treat stains, apply stain remover to soiled areas and let it sit for a few minutes before washing.


Select the appropriate wash cycle for the fabric type and soil level. Use a gentle cycle for delicate fabrics like silk or lace.

Choose wash cycle 

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Use the amount of soap recommended on the package to avoid soap residue on your clothes.

Amount of Soap

Do not overload the washing machine with too many clothes, this can affect the washing efficiency and even damage the machine.


Select the water temperature recommended on the clothing labels to avoid fabric shrinkage or deformation.

water temperature

In the machine: Use the recommended temperature to prevent them from shrinking or creasing.  on the clothesline: Use hangers or hang clothes properly to avoid wrinkles and deformation.