Inverted crown molding, a touch of style for the ceiling

Create a welcoming atmosphere with inverted molding: tips and inspiration 

It is a type of plaster ceiling finish, which has a floating style and with lighting facing the ceiling, with spacing on the side walls, for a ceiling recess,

What is it The inverted Sanca?

Inverted crown molding can be used to hide recessed lighting, which creates an indirect and soft light effect in the environment.

Modern and Functional

This artifice to decorate the ceiling has a great effect on the environment, promoting an elegant decoration.

Elegant Decoration

Another option is to create cutouts in the center and create more field to explore the lighting and thus a more welcoming atmosphere.

Welcoming Atmosphere 

As the molding is inverted with indirect lighting, it is possible to create focal points on the wall, bringing a sense of unification in the space.

focal points

For contemporary and modern bathroom decorations it is one of the best options, but any style of decoration it gives that super stylish touch.

Sophistication and Modernity