Ikebana simple and beautiful arrangements to decorate

This Japanese technique of creating beautiful simple and versatile arrangements

Ikebana is a Japanese floral art form that focuses on the harmony between flowers, leaves and branches. 

Harmony between flowers and leaves

Choosing flowers, leaves that have to do with your home's "vibe" always brings positivity, and Ikebana focuses on that in balance.


The Ikebana arrangement is super elegant to decorate the table, you can use seasonal flowers.

great for downtown Table

To decorate the entrance hall, it looks very cozy and gives a good feeling.

Hall of Prohibited

That buffet or furniture next to the window, something is missing, maybe an Ikebana arrangement to bring charm.

In the window

The Ikebana arrangements alone are lush, but the stylish vases add that extra charm, also think about the design of the vase.

Stylish vase