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How to use lambe lambe as an option to decorate the walls, and create a cool style for the environment

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They are posters, which were often used to make advertisements, on poles, walls, etc...

What is Lambe Lambe?

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Lambe licks are very old types of advertisements since sec. XIX, advertising circus attractions.

old advertisement

And some time later, he fell in love with decoration, the printing possibilities are high, from photos to engravings, phrases, etc..

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great option to customize the wall of the home office, leaving it with a more laid-back look.

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in the bathroom

It is super practical to install, just glue diluted in a little water, it looks good in the bathroom.

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In the room

There are several possibilities for prints, such as florals, graffiti, it can be a good option for that corner of the room

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In the bedroom, black and white models resembling a newspaper. It can bring a lot of style.

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for children's room

For decorating a children's room it's fantastic, there are models with varied prints and self-adhesives.

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