Styles and Types of Bedroom Curtains

How to make the room more cozy with curtains for the bedroom


Curtains in thicker fabrics such as satin can make the room more sophisticated and glamorous.

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A curtain with lace fabric for a more boho chic style, in addition to bringing a more relaxed atmosphere.

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There are many variations of prints, to create a relaxed atmosphere, prints with stripes look very stylish.

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Cotton ;

For a more minimalist environment, curtains with cotton fabric are ideal, they look very harmonious.

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Making a match

A good option to create synergy in the bedroom is to use curtains with motifs that make up the decor.

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With thicker fabrics for curtains, it is a good option to create more contemporary environments. 

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Curtain with floral fabric to create a romantic and serene atmosphere.

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To give more fluidity, lightness and balance transparent fabrics and light weights like voile.

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