How to use Tiffany Blue to Transform your home


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Tips and inspirations for using the Tiffany color. This famous tonality, became well known by the "great jewelery

In the bedroom

Tiffany blue in the bedroom, can bring a sense of peace and tranquility.

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In the home office, it is also a great option to bet on wallpaper in this tone


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Creative Painting

Create a creative painting, such as a portal, a detail to highlight with this tone

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At the door

It can be the icing on the cake in the decor to have a door in tiffany blue.

Credit: Marina Carvalho Architecture

Sectoring a space

If you need to sector an environment with color, the tiffany tone can also be a good one.

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Investing in accessories, in this tone, brings harmony and lightness.

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Sofa, it has a more elegant color than this one, a sofa in this tone is always very striking. Gives a "up" in the decor.

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Because it's a jovial, cheerful tone, it goes well with other tones, it's even possible to do a gradient.

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More useful tips.

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