Optimize the space under the bed

Tips for taking advantage of this space and keeping everything organized 

This is the best choice to make the most of that space under the bed, the box spring bed that has a trunk to organize many items.

box spring bed  functional and useful

If you have a box spring bed, it's okay to invest in baskets or boxes to store your belongings.

baskets  organizers

A good solution is to invest in niches with casters, it facilitates handling and visually everything is more aligned.

Niches with Casters

A custom drawer, you can produce a drawer that fits perfectly in the gap between the bed and the floor, super useful for organizing toys, accessories, etc...

large drawer  Custom

No more shoes scattered under the bed, how about a very functional shoe rack to organize these items.


Multipurpose boxes are allied in organization and will be very useful for this space, there are many options of various sizes.

Multipurpose Boxes