Russian stitch is an embroidery in high relief, which gives a super creative and interesting effect to pieces, especially rugs.

How to use rug in Russian Point in Decoration

The Russian stitch is super creative and can be made with different colors and types of design that gives a lot of creativity to decorate.


A super option to use in the lobby, in addition to being very cozy, it is super cute.

Hall of Prohibited

For the bathroom, the possibilities of prints and designs meet many styles.

creativity in Bathroom

As it is an embroidered piece, the diversity of colors is characteristic of this embroidery.

diversity of Colors

Another feature of Russian stitch embroidery is that it is possible to create different highlights, such as different designs and characters.

creations of Emphasis

The interesting thing is that it is possible to find these rugs in different formats and thus create very creative compositions.

Formats  Several

In addition to the visual highlight of the piece, it is a super comfortable element, due to its high relief. Bet on this trend 

Comfort and Visual Highlight