Using mandalas at home as part of the decoration always brings good energies and good vibes according to precepts of Feng Shui.

How to use  mandalas in decoration

For the bedroom, they are good standout options, and can be used at the head of the bed.

Headboard From the bed

A good option for the dining room, in its symbology, this circular format, activates healing and spirituality.

decorating the Dining room

On pillows, it is another way to insert mandalas into the decoration in this round format.

In Cushions

Redesigning a piece of furniture with a mandala design will be super nice.

touch us Furniture

That little corner of the coffee, can gain more prominence with the mandalas.

For the  coffee corner

Made in crochet, for those who have skills with this technique, and can even decorate the window.

decorating the  Window

For the relaxation corner, there is no better option than using a mandala in this environment.

for the one Corner