How to use Candy Colors in the House environments

In free translation: "Candy Colors", that is, they are colors, inspired by the colors of candies and sweets.

What are Candy Colors?

They can be added to bring joy, relaxation and can be used in different ways in environments.

How to use in Environments?

The "Candy Colors" colors have very soft tones, good options to use in bedrooms.

Room Decoration

Creating compositions with the colors of this palette on furniture is something very common.

In furniture

To renovate the kitchen, these tones look beautiful.


It is possible to find coverings with these shades, it is charming.


Another good idea is to create woodwork by choosing a single color from this palette.

Planned Carpentry

Making a selection of accessories in these colors brings a lot of joy to the environment.

image: theinsidecollective


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