How to properly clean your carpet

How to remove dirt and stains from carpet

Do it yourself carpet cleaning

Rugs, carpets, accumulate dirt, mites and allergens that are easy to spread around the environment, hence the importance of keeping rugs always clean.


- Vacuum cleaner or - vacuum cleaner - broom - soft brush - sodium bicarbonate - vinegar  - liquid neutral soap - bucket or hose

 how to clean

Remove the carpet from the outside area, (if you don't have one, take it to the laundry area) Vacuum up all the dust, or remove it with a broom Rinse the carpet (check the label to see if it is possible to get it wet)

 how to clean

Use liquid soap, vinegar and bicarbonate in equal parts, dilute in water. Start applying it to the carpet, with the brush This solution is great for removing stains.  Then rinse 


Place the rug outside to dry or hang it on a clothesline. If the rug material is colorfast, dry it in the sun

care and maintenance

Give your carpet a good cleaning every month, using quality products. Always vacuum your carpet weekly, and follow the manufacturer's instructions. This will extend the life of your carpet.

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