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How to Keep the Pantry Organized

Pantry in Order

One of the things that no one pays much attention to, but which is extremely functional for the home is the pantry and keeping it in order will be very favorable for the day to day. See the tips

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They are super allies in the organization and for the pantry they are essential items, as they facilitate access.

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glass jars

Glass pots or transparent containers make it easier to see the food, in addition to the aesthetics being much better.

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Hang tags

Important to identify the product some will be very simple others may need a label.

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Always try to buy organizers, baskets, containers of the same model and color to create a more standardized atmosphere.

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It is important to separate cleaning products from food, so there is no contamination

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Organize by categories, such as grains, starchy foods, etc... and always prioritize open foods in use at the front.

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