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How to Have Beautiful Roses in the Garden


Roses are the queens of the garden, they are beautiful and lush flowers, a classic, and with varied colors. See how to farm.

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Rose bushes should be kept in full sun. As with potted roses, place them in areas that receive a lot of sunlight during the day.

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Soil should be well-draining, with expanded clay at the base if growing in pots.

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Mix bone meal and ash into the soil or fertilize with NPK 10-10-10 every two months.

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 Water is essential for the cultivation of rose bushes. Water at least once a week, in the midday sun, for the roots to dry faster, avoid soaking

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Do maintenance pruning to eliminate dry branches. Cut the wilted flowers. Make cuts diagonally, usually the best times between June and August to encourage flowering.

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Enjoy in your Garden

It doesn't require much in the beginning to grow rose bushes however it is great visually and lifts up any garden.

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