Petunias are outdoor plants with a wide variety of colors and shapes and easy cultivation see these tips

Have beautiful Petunias with these tips

To grow petunias, you can buy the seeds or an already flowered plant in a pot. It is a very common genre that is not lacking in any specialized garden center.

cultivation and care 

There are many varieties of petunias available, with different colors and flower shapes. Choose the one that suits you best and fits your needs. 

assorted types

Add organic manure or organic compost to the soil to improve its quality. 

prepare the soil 

From seeds, scatter a moderate amount of seeds over the soil and cover with a thin layer of soil. Water lightly to keep the soil moist, already grown in pots, just transplant them into prepared soil.

plant the petunias 

Water the petunias regularly, especially on hot, dry days. Avoid wetting the flowers, as this can cause stains and disease. The water must be applied directly to the soil, avoiding the leaves.

water the petunias 

Use a phosphorus-rich flowering plant fertilizer every 15 days during the growing season. In late summer, reduce the frequency of fertilizing to once a month. 


Remove wilted flowers to encourage continued flower production. Petunias are very hardy and easy to grow. With a little care, you'll have a beautiful display of flowers all season long.

Remove wilted flowers 

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