Creating your first vertical garden  A step-by-step guide

Bring small spaces to life with a vertical garden. It's easy, we'll show you how! 

Green Home 

Look for walls that receive indirect light. Direct sun can be harsh for some plants.  

Choose the Location 

Succulents, ferns and aromatic herbs are ideal for starting your vertical garden. 

Plant Selection 

Trellis panels or grids are great options for support. Choose resistant materials. 

Basic Structure 

Use anchors and screws suitable for the type of wall. Safety comes first! 

Secure Assembly 

Choose pots with a clip-on system or hooks to make plant maintenance easier. 

Vases and Supports 

Use quality substrate and plant with space for the plants to grow healthy. 

Efficient Planting 

Automatic irrigation saves time and ensures all plants receive water 

Irrigation system 


Check soil moisture and remove dry leaves to keep the garden aesthetically pleasing.   

Daily Care  


Your garden is ready! Enjoy the beauty and benefits of your new green space.  

Enjoy the Green 

Create a vertical garden in any space

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