Tips and inspirations for a stylish black kitchen

black kitchen

black kitchen

The black color is somewhat difficult to create environments, especially the kitchen..

Black kitchen cabinet an industrial style vibe

Industrial Style

Black and white, a completely black kitchen would give the feeling of a closed environment, the ideal is to contrast with points of light, such as white.

For black upper cabinets, think of good lighting, including natural lighting, close to the window, it would be more harmonious.

Black coating, if you just want to add a touch of black, bet on the coating up to half the wall.

Small kitchen, can also have its touch of black, with a good contrast, it's very soft 

The combination of tones also makes all the difference, wood combines a lot, coatings resembling stone tones.

Tips for a black kitchen: Always measure the color Contrast with white looks great Proper lighting is essential Always clean Fingerprints are very apparent on black