How to have a home decor Field

Very popular decoration themes nowadays is country house style decoration, perhaps because it offers an inviting atmosphere and a general feeling of friendliness, with cozy environment.

In the vibe of Field

See where you want to use the country house decor, you can use the theme throughout the house, or focus on just one or two rooms, for example the kitchen and living room

decide where use this theme

As this style is intended for people who like simplicity and nature, you can decide to carry the country decoration theme throughout the space.


Country house decor combines clean colors with rustic furniture and accessories, light to medium tones of white, yellow, pink, green or brown are good choices.

Accessories rustic

Flowers or plants, the decoration of the country house uses natural wood. When deciding on a material for a country floor, natural wood is a good choice.

Air Countryside

 When choosing furniture to complement the cottage decor, light wood or wicker is suggested, these materials reflect the beauty of nature, floral patterns or plaid fabrics add to the authentic look.

Touch Rustic

When shopping for accessories to match a country home decor theme, it's good to keep in mind the type of environment you are trying to create, a warm and inviting space.

Accessories  that match