The calla lily plant makes a beautiful velvety flower great for decorating your home, learn how to grow it

As  grow plant Glass of milk

similar to a cup

Due to this cup shape and having the white flower it is "popularly" known as "glass of milk".

Delicacy and Purity

It is associated with innocence in some cultures, it can still be associated with spiritual elevation. Often used in bridal bouquets


It adapts well to the tropical climate of Brazil, but it is advisable to avoid full sun. growing half shade is ideal.


Keep the soil moist and well drained with good quality organic matter.


As it likes a moist soil it is important to water constantly alternating days.


Make constant pruning and take advantage of the floral stems to create beautiful flower arrangements and decorate the environment.


Avoid leaving the soil too soggy, you can whenever necessary. Fertilize once a month. Basic care that will make your glass of milk beautiful.