How to decorate the laundry room


How to make this space more interesting and beautiful

Many do not give a damn about this space, but it is important to keep this space pleasant, after all it is part of your home.

Laundry Attractive



If the laundry room is very small, and the kitchen is combined, as in many apartment types, follow the same style as the kitchen. This brings continuity to the space.

follow a style


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Choose colors that define your style, such as neutral colors. Tip: If you opt for a wallpaper, tones can help define the palette.

Color palette


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|To create a more organized and cohesive look, use objects of the same texture and color.

keep the unit


Give your special touch, like plants customize appliances like the washing machine

Touch Special


As plants change any environment, the laundry room usually has limited space, invest in pending plants.

pending plans


To have an efficient decoration, focus on less is more, but with quality, everything looks more beautiful.

less is more


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As always, organization is essential, everything is more beautiful organized, the decoration appears.

organization is Essential