Violet this charming little plant, and with very delicate flowers of different colors looks beautiful at home.

Innovate in the decoration with the vibrant colors of the violet plant 

Violet is known worldwide, they are great for interior decoration.

little plants  graceful

They say that giving a violet means that genuine love, hence one of the favorites on mother's day;


There are a variety of violets, but in Brazil the African violet is the most common, and they are super simple to care for.


Violets love places with good light, but avoid direct sun, remove old and dry leaves and flowers, this will guarantee more vigor.


Water moderately, once or twice a week in summer and once or whenever necessary in winter.


We recommend a fertilizer, fortnightly, with phosphorus and potassium, this will make them always healthy.


Violets are good options to create beautiful arrangements, and be able to decorate the whole house.

Beautiful arrangements