How to Clean the TV Screen

How to keep your TV screen clean with these tips

It is very unpleasant to see the dirty TV screen when we are going to watch that favorite program.

dirty screen

Remove all dust with a dry cloth specifically for screens, microfiber type that will not scratch the device.

Form Proper

Lightly moisten a cloth with filtered water and wipe the TV screen. Water must be very subtle as these screens are super sensitive.

Dust off

To remove stains, spray distilled water onto a dry cloth and wipe across the entire screen. Then pass a dry cloth to finish.


A solution of half white vinegar and distilled water will also be effective for cleaning, lightly spray onto the cloth and wipe over the screen.


- Turn off the tv to clean - Do not use abrasive products - Read the tv manual (cleaning) - Use screen products (if you want) - Delicacy when cleaning, as the screen is very sensitive.


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