How to clean blinds like a pro

Discover the ideal method to clean your blinds and revitalize your space. 

Use a duster or dry cloth to remove dust. A good start makes all the difference. 

Removing Dust  

Mix warm water and detergent. Gently wipe with a damp cloth. 

PVC blinds 

For wood, a cloth lightly dampened with water and vinegar is ideal. Don't soak. 

Care for Wood  

Aluminum shutter? The same PVC solution works, but dry well afterwards. 

Shiny Aluminum 

On stubborn stains, apply the solution directly and gently wipe. 

Stubborn Stains 

After cleaning, let it dry completely. Humidity can be a problem. 

Important Drying  

Regular cleaning prevents dirt from accumulating. Keep the routine. 

Regular Maintenance 

For treated wood, consider using a specific polish after cleaning. 

Specific Products 

Clean blinds transform the environment. Discover more tips in the full article! 

Revitalize Your Space 

Practical guide to keeping your blinds spotless

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