Glass table the perfect choice for contemporary spaces

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Glass, being transparent, is great in compact spaces, imparting fluidity and lightness to the environment.

Spaces compacts

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A round table is always very inviting, due to its shape, and the glass helps to create subtlety.

Round and Compact


Options for those who don't like transparency are dark smoked glass, which is very elegant in a large room.

Glass  smoked, dark

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One of the good tricks of choosing a glass table is easy maintenance, as alcohol, or glass cleaner is super practical.

Easy Maintenance

Another interesting effect on a glass table is its base, they can be another decorative element.

Basis Stylish

Another good alternative, it is easy to adapt to any type of style, such as this more rustic one. If you don't know which style to follow, a glass table can be the start.

Super Adaptable