Inspirations to use any environment in line with the delicacy of flowers and style

Floral Wallpaper, Delicacy and Style

Delicate flowers, this darker background, with delicate flowers, gives a lot of style to the environment.

delicate flowers

That little corner of the buffet/sideboard choosing a floral wallpaper, it goes very elegantly.

to the room 

For that niche, forgotten can be revamped with a very stylish floral wallpaper.

giving style to Niche

For the bathroom, it brings delicacy, lightness and a lot of style, for a bathroom that needs a "UP".

At the  Bathroom

A floral touch in the home office, 

Home office

Another option is to use wallpaper for the kitchen, in addition to being very colorful.

To the Kitchen

In the bedroom, this floral energy will be very elegant, in line with the style of the furniture.

At the Room