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Tips for styling your dresser

decorate the dresser

A chest of drawers plays a key role in your bedroom, and after the bed, it is the biggest piece of furniture.

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Style and Functionality

So, clean up the clutter, and get ready to learn how to style a dresser that blends style and functionality.

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without overloading

The dresser can hold a mix of practical and whimsical items, the key is not to overcrowd the area.

Jewelry boxes, candles, and plants can all add character to a space while keeping the overall purpose functional.

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anchor piece

The first item you'll need for your dresser is a great anchor piece to the overall design. Decorate a dresser with a mirror or a large piece of art.

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high items

With mirror or artwork in place, add more height using tall, vases or jewelry boxes. These items will need to be on the side of the mirror rather than directly in front of it.

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Items average size

Consider adding medium items like books, a tray to organize perfumes, and vases of flowers and plants for a pop of color.

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